yoga poses for pregnancy

Recommended Poses for Prenatal Yoga

List of various recommended Yoga poses during pregnancy

Bridge yoga pose for pregnancy e: Lie on your back with your knees bent and bring your feet together. Now lift your hips. Intertwine your fingers together and keep your arms straight behind your back. Putting pressure on your shoulders lift your hips higher. Move your chest towards the chin and not vice versa. Release your hands and bring your back down. Rest for a while.

Cat Cow Stretch yoga pose for pregnancy: This increases the flexibility of the spine and makes helps in treating back ache. You start by going down on all fours with your wrists right beneath your shoulders and the knees below your hips. Think of the spine as being the line connecting your neck to the end of your spine.

Now inhale and while doing that curl your toes inwards, drop your stomach. Look up towards the ceiling. Now exhale and while exhaling release your toes curve your spine upwards and drop your head to look towards the floor. Repeat the inhale-exhale process for 5-10 times.

Cobblers yoga pose for pregnancy: This is also widely referred to as the Bound angle pose and helps open up the hip area. To start with sit in the dandasana pose (which is basically where you outstretch your legs in the front and your spine should be straight and long, now work your thighs while your toes stay up), now bend your knees such that your feet are together. Keep your back absolutely straight and pres the outer edges of your feet forcefully. Now bend forward while still keeping your back straight.

Goddess yoga pose for pregnancy: From the cobblers pose take the back backwards and lie down on it, your elbows should touch the floor. Stay lying down for some minutes and the get up sideways using the support of your hands.

Legs up the wall yoga pose for pregnancy: Sit next to a wall with the side of your body running parallely to the all and your knees bent to the chest.  Now slowly lie down on your back and spread your legs up the wall. Support you upper body with your elbows on the floor while bending backwards to lie down. Once completely down stay there for some time. To sit up move your knees towards your chest, roll sideways and get up. You can use a pile of blankets or a rug placed parallely to the wall to give your back some support.

Knee to Ankle yoga pose for pregnancy: Sit in the earlier explained dandasana pose and bend your knees such that your right shin is parallel to the mat. Now pile your left ankle over the right knee such that your right shin is below your left knee. Flex both your feet properly and repeat on the other side.

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